State Plan & Goals

KCDD – 2014 Program Performance Report

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KCDD Р2015  Five Year State Plan



State Plan

The State Plan was developed by the Council and is in effect from 2012 – 2016.

The areas selected for the State Plan are:

    Formal and informal Community Supports
    Cross Cutting (Improving DD System)

This is a summary of the state plan. The complete state plan is attached below. Please contact the Director if you have questions.

GOAL 1. Formal and Informal Community Supports

Objective 1. End the Waiting List Campaign

Decrease number on Home & Community Based Services DD waiting list, goal is to end waiting list. Accomplished by activities such as increasing advocacy among DD stakeholders and awareness of the need by state legislators and the public. Social networking will also be used to increase knowledge and communication of stakeholders. It will be measured by a decrease in the numbers of persons with DD on the state DD waiting list and a funding increase to bring persons on waiting list into service.

Objective 2. Institutional Transition

Raise the level of education and public policy engagement of consumers, family members, people close to them, and other non-traditional sources resulting in an increase in the actual policy advocacy that occurs. Create innovative projects for one year that provide information and tools to assist people with DD and their family members in gaining access to community resources. Inform parents/guardian of successful transition to the community.

Objective 3. Community Resources/Alternatives

Provide information and training, written materials and web sites to educate people with DD and their support networks on resources available to assist them to live and succeed in the community. There are over 3000 adults and children (under age 21) on the DD waiting list. Often these individuals do not know about resources outside DD Waiver that can help them succeed. The goal is to provide information on these alternative resources.

GOAL 2. Employment

To increase outcomes/earnings for persons with DD through development of a statewide, sustainable small business technical assistance and outreach center. Sponsor training for Project SEARCH high school transition program for youth with DD in their senior HS year. Sponsor Employment 1st Summit for consumers, parents, service providers VR, and others interested in employment for persons with DD.

GOAL 3. Health

To increase the number of persons with DD in Kansas who receive medical care that addresses their physical, dental, mental, and behavioral needs and improves health outcomes.

GOAL 4. Cross Cutting (Quality Assurance): Improving the Kansas developmental disabilities system

The Kansas developmental disabilities system will be improved through providing information, training and skill development to persons who have developmental disabilities and their family members and educating policymakers on their need improved and enhanced services, supports, and other assistance for support to live free of abuse, neglect, financial and sexual exploitation, and violation of their human and legal rights and the inappropriate use of restraints or seclusion.