About the Council


“To ensure the opportunity to make choices regarding participation in society and quality of life for individuals with developmental disabilities.”

The Council

Council members are appointed by the Governor of Kansas. 60% of the council is composed of people with developmental disabilities and family members who represent the developmental disability community.

The Kansas Council on Developmental Disabilities (KCDD) is established by state and federal law and federally funded to advocate for imporvements in the Kansas system so that people with developmental disabilities and their families receive the services and support they need.

The KCDD listens to the developmental disabilities community regarding the welfare of Kansans with Developmental Disabilities and their families. Based on what we hear, a five-year plan is developed and annually updated to provide guidance regarding how Council resources are spent and how long-term goals are met in accordance with federal law.

 KCDD promotes:






in all parts of community life for individuals with developmental disabilities.


Areas of Emphasis:

Advocacy – Self-advocacy & leadership

Promoting self-advocacy and the rights and responsibilities of making choices. The Council:

Funds Partners in Policymaking, an advocacy and leadership training academy.

Works with the Self Advocate Coalition of Kansas (SACK)

Provides funding for Youth Leadership Forum training, an all-inclusive program designed to                                   promote youth leadership development.

Helps fund organizations that offer individual and family training events and conferences.


Systems Change – Working to affect public policy

The Council analyzes state and federal policies to determine their effectiveness and:

Informs policymakers about disability issues and how proposals affect people with disabilities and       their families.

Makes recommendations regarding policy choices.


Empowerment – Employment

The Council promotes competitive, integrated employment by providing funding for:

Innovative employment programs such as small business ownership, Project SEARCH and Employment1st.org.

Statewide employment summit and Employment 1st activities.


Improve Health

The Council works to help improve the health of people with developmental disabilities and to improve their access to health care services.  Examples include providing:

A 3-year research grant on reducing obesity in adults with developmental  disabilities which resulted in a multi-million dollar grant for the State of Kansas.

Funding aimed at improved training for dental professionals on working with people with developmental disabilities.

Assistance in providing training for families and individuals on preventative practices, including incorporating oral health as part of regular health practices.


The Future

A five-year strategic plan is developed by the Council and annually updated to provide guidance regarding how long-term goals are met

Strategic Planning

The plan is based on available data as well as what we hear from people with developmental disabilities, their families, and other Kansans who have a strong interest in this area.
We hear from you through forums, conferences, meetings, in the media, on the internet, through service providers and state agencies.
What we hear shapes how we work for Kansans with developmental disabilities.